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22 April 2017‘Westminster Abbey’
18 March 2017‘London’s Finest Painters’
18 February 2017‘The Crop Circle Mystery’
21 January 2017‘Stories and Pictures from a Lifetime as a Showbusiness Photographer’
19 November 2016‘Poisonous Plants Make Good Medicines’
15 October 2016‘The Life and Death of a Tudor Sailor’
16 April 2016‘Women on the Home Front’
19 March 2016‘The Changing Face of Cryptography’
20 February 2016‘New Zealand on Impulse’
16 January 2016Docklands & Canary Wharf

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‘Westminster Abbey’
by Robert Fromow
Saturday 22 April 2017

Robert is an experienced speaker and Blue Badge guide and will be giving us an illustrated talk about Westminster Abbey. He has been a guide at the Abbey for over 20 years and will be talking about the Abbey's multi-faceted history, astonishing beauty and less known peculiarities and eccentricities.